"It’s exciting to be able to continually learn and grow by conducting challenging projects for our clients across various sectors in our industry."

- Roger Brown

"I love being able to work across a broad range of industries, this allows me to consistently learn and develop whilst delivering solutions to our clients."

- Adam Loucas

"I enjoy how the team comes together seamlessly across all sectors to provide creative solutions for our clients based on sound engineering principles."

- Jerome Rowcroft

"I like the workplace flexibility at Middleton Group."

- Jarman Stephens


"To be part of a group of like-minded people who use knowledge sharing and problem solving to have an impact on our wider community is motivating."

- Steve Smith

"It’s a blessing to have strong core values across our team as it makes it easy for me to learn new things and develop myself every day."

- Jingwen Ding


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